South of Sarasota but north of Ft. Myers lies the quaint little city of Venice. I am fortunate to leave the frigid winters of Canada each year and wallow in the warmth; stroll the beautiful beach, collecting prehistoric sharks teeth, a favorite pastime of visitors and residents. Should you be considering a great vacation or moving to Florida check out Venice on the Gulf to find everything you want to know about my favorite Paradise.

moorish idol - this butterfly fish does not do well in captivity This is a illustration of a Moorish Idol. These fish are native to the Indo Pacific ocean. They are strikingly beautiful. Their diet consists of reef creatures, mostly live corals. These fish do not do well in captivity simply because their diet is so restricted.
My first encounter with these marine mammals was love at first sight. They are so gentle and have somewhat of a human quality about them. When we hear that as much as 30% of all manatee fatalities are human related we wonder what can we do?
Please visit Save the Manatee see wonderful pictures and learn more about the manatee and how you can make a difference.


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