This salad makes a wonderful first course for your next dinner party. Tossed apples, celery hearts, raisins and green onions; served on lettuce leaves. Serves 4.

3 tbsp White wine vinegar 50 mL
3 tbsp Salad oil 50 mL
3 tbsp Chutney 50 mL
1-1/2 tsp Sugar 7 mL
1/4 tsp Salt 1 mL
1/2 tsp Dry mustard 2 mL
1-1/2 cups Chopped apples 375 mL
3 Celery hearts 3
4 to 5 tbsp Golden raisins 60 to 75 mL
3 tbsp Chopped green onions 50 mL

Combine wine vinegar, oil, chutney, sugar, salt and mustard. Shake well and chill.

Just before serving, chop apples, mix with celery, chopped green onion and raisins. Serve on leaves of lettuce. I usually use Boston lettuce, but any kind will do.

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