Wonderful light and crispy batter. The secret is in the beer, your fish will stay crisp even when you're keeping it warm in the oven. Serves 2 to 4

1 cup Flour 250 mL
Pepper to taste
1 tsp Salt 5 mL
1 Egg, beaten 1
1 cup Beer 250 mL
1 lb Cod or Haddock Fillets 450 g
Vegetable Oil

  • Fill deep fryer half full with oil; preheat to 375°F [190°C] If you don't have a deep fryer, use a deep heavy saucepan and an accurate thermometer.

  • Cut fillets into serving-size pieces; sprinkle lightly with pepper and dredge in flour.

  • Batter Mix flour and salt, whisk in egg then gradually add in beer, mix until smooth.

  • Dip fish into batter and fry in small batches, two or three at a time, turning once, until golden brown, around 5-7 minutes. Remove with slotted spoon; drain on paper towel. Then place on cookie sheet in warm oven until all have been deep fried.

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