A little different version to the classic Bloody Mary. Makes 12-13 servings

46 oz. can Tomato Juice unsalted 1-1/2 L approx.
11-1/2 oz can V-8 Juice 370 mL
3/4 cups Lemon juice 175 mL
12 to 16 oz Vodka 355 ml to 1/2 L
12 drops Tabasco 12 drops
12 drops Worcestershire sauce 12 drops
1 tsp Salt 5 mL
2 tsp Pepper 10 mL
4 tsp Sugar 20 mL
Lemon slices, celery stalks (optional)
Ice cubes

In large pitcher, combine ingredients. Cover and refrigerate mixture if made ahead. To serve: Stir mixture, then pour over ice cubes in highball glasses. Garnish with celery stalks and lemon slice.

NOTE: If you cannot find unsalted Tomato Juice - Do not add salt

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