Easy Microwave fudged.
Makes 3-1/2 lbs. [1.75 kg] of calorie-loaded delicious fudge. 

3/4 cup Butter 175 mL
2/3 cup Evaporated milk 150 mL
2 cup Sugar 500 mL
8 oz Semi-sweet Chocolate 250 g
1 cup Chopped walnuts 250 mL
15 large Marshmallows 15 large
1 tsp Vanilla 5 mL

1.  Combine butter, milk and sugar in a 8-cup [2L] casserole.

2.  Microwave on high, UNCOVERED, 4-1/2 to 5 minutes or until the mixture just begins to boil.  Stir well. 

3.  Microwave of high another 5-1/2 minutes.

4.  Stir in chocolate chips, marshmallows, vanilla and nuts.  Stir well.

5.  Pour into greased 12x8 inch [30x20 cm] baking dish or fancy foil mini-muffin cups.  Refrigerate covered until set.

Note:  I find using the regular marshmallows are better than the Marshmallow cream. 
Instead of chocolate chips you can substitute butterscotch chips, peanut butter chips or chocolate mint chips.

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