This is an old family favorite, so easy and yummy. Serves 6

1 can Condensed milk 1 can
1-1/2 cup Water 375 mL
1 4-serving Instant vanilla pudding 1 4-serving
30 Vanilla wafers 30
3 Bananas 3
1 cup Cool whip 250 mL

In bowl combine condensed milk and water. Add instant pudding, beat well. Chill 5 minutes. Fold in cool whip.

Spoon one cup [250 mL] into a serving bowl. Top with slices of banana and vanilla wafers. Pour on more pudding to cover then make a second layer of banana and wafers. Pour on remaining pudding, make sure the bananas are covered. Place the remaining wafers on top. Cover with plastic wrap. Refrigerate. This is best 4 to 8 hours after it is made.

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