Fillets, coat with cajun spice, dip in butter and blackened in Cast Iron Frying Pan. Cook on BBQ

Large Cast Iron Frying Pan
Fillet of Fish
1/2 cup Unsalted Melted Butter (or enough to give the fish a real good coating 125 mL
Blackened Redfish Seasoning
(I use Chef Paul Prudhomme's Blackened Redfish Magic)

Place your Cast Iron Fry Pan on your BBQ and heat on high at least 10 minutes, the hotter the better.

Pat fish fillets with a paper towel.

Melt unsalted butter in microwave, pour into a pie plate.
Sprinkle Blackened Redfish evenly on both sides and dip fillets in butter coating both sides very well.. This is to your taste the more you add the hotter it will be. Yummy....

Place in hot Cast Iron Fry Pan, close lid of BBQ and cook until underside is charred approx. 2-3 minutes, use your judgment for thicker or thinner fillets. Turn and repeat cooking until fish is done. Place on serving plate and pour any leftover butter over the fish.

Note: Use only unsalted butter as most often the bottled seasonings contain quite a bit of salt.

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