For that special dinner serve this simple inexpensive appetizer, the combination is wonderful. Serves 6
1 tin 6 Pear halves 1 tin
4 oz pkg Cream cheese 125 g
2 to 3 tbsp Mayonnaise 25 to 50 mL
2 tbsp Lemon juice 25 mL
1 cup Small cooked shrimp 250 mL
Fresh parsley

In a small bowl cream cheese and mayonnaise until smooth. Add lemon juice, mix well, add 1 tsp [5 mL] chopped parsley. Fold in shrimp, (keeping some leftover for decorating). Cover and refrigerate. Also place drained pear halves in Fridge to chill.

To Serve
On a lettuce leaf place a pear half. Spoon cheese filling onto Pear. Decorate with leftover shrimp, parsley and and olive around the pear.

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